Knowledge is Power!

This certainly holds true in the equestrian arena. The more you know about yourself, your horse, and how you relate to one another, the more powerful your equestrian partnership.

Let's face it, training, riding, and working with horses is emotional, no matter what your discipline or level of ability. Our thoughts and feelings can be the biggest obstacles to progress.

The ability to transform distracting, even debilitating thoughts into positive action is profoundly powerful. EquiThink is about developing the strategy and mental skills to do just that.

About EquiThink

Sara created EquiThink to provide the equestrian community with a unique platform of equestrian and athletic counseling services from a lifelong equestrian with extensive experience teaching, coaching, training and competing.

EquiThink combines Sara's extensive experience in academics, hands-on work as an athletic counselor, equestrian team coach, and rider/trainer/competitor. Read more about Sara in her bio

Why EquiThink?

With decades of practical application, Sara's background in classical dressage, equine biomechanics and behavior, and the psychology of sport give EquiThink the comprehensive basis for equestrian success in any discipline and at any level.

In her years as an equestrian academic, Sara has extensively researched the history, theory, psychology, and principles of equestrianism. She has authored educational papers and articles, including:

* Counselor helps athletes deal with anxiety (Palm Beach Post, 1/9/14) click here for full article
* It's Academic ( commentary, 1/26/12) click here for full article
* Athletic Counseling Article (SDS Newletter, 3/2011) click here for full article