EquiThink Services

After an individual meeting and discussion of client goals, a personalized plan will be developed to optimize client needs. One or more of the following services may be selected by, or recommended to the client:

Athletic Counseling for the Equestrian ~ (In person, phone, or Skype)

  • Re-framing and re-calibrating anxiety.
  • Goal setting, planning and organization, visualization and manifestation techniques.
  • Develop strategies for competition through mental strength training and performance enhancement skills (personalized MP3 recording included).

Cross-Discipline Dressage Training (dressage for hunters/jumpers/event riders)

  • Mounted lessons emphasizing better communication between horse and rider in all disciplines.
  • Instruction in movement and bio-mechanics and the psychology of body language.
  • Tailored instruction focusing on equitation to strengthen the equestrian partnership.

Horse and Rider Relationships (Mounted or Ground Work)

  • Environment-based application of equine psychology.
  • Equestrian theory explained through practical application.
  • Understanding horse and rider relationships.

Consultation, Athletic Counseling, Hypnotherapy Services

  • Consultation, athletic counseling, and/or hypnotherapy sessions (MP3 included).
  • Environmental problem solving: Therapeutic use of environmental and educational aids for successful competitive and recreational outcomes.
  • Identify strengths and weaknesses to improve performance.

Hypnosis can work on anything that affects the mind.

Being in hypnosis places the client into a heightened yet relaxed state of awareness where they are in total control. Focused attention easily allows for clients to move their "inner critic" aside and gain greater access to the subconscious mind. A hypnotherapist is a facilitator, therefore, hypnotherapy is a cooperative effort.

Hypnotherapists assist clients to:

  • Gain insight
  • Find new solutions
  • Sharpen and enhance focus
  • Re-structure old, restrictive, limiting ideas
  • Re-educate and re-program the subconscious mind
  • Intensify positive feelings
  • Eliminate negative feelings
  • Strengthen sense of self-control
  • Learn to use auto-suggestion/self-hypnosis

Hypnotherapy is profoundly effective for:

Academic/Athletic/Performance Enhancement
Performance/Competition/Test Anxiety
Physical & Mental Relaxation
Stress Management
Re-calibrating Anxiety
Enhancing Focus
Attention Control
Integrating Mind, Body & Spirit
Transforming Fears & Phobias
And more...

Sara C. Hufstader, M.Ed., CCHt

NGH Certified
IAIH Certified

The Florida Institute of Hypnotherapy (FIH)
Licensed by the Florida State Board of Education
Clinical Hypnotherapist
With over 500 Hours of Comprehensive Training